Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Few will ever know why I truly named this blog "The Keyhole," but I think I can make a few more reasonable excuses out of the second and third reasons that it appealed to me. There is an idea left over from a hundred or more years ago of listening at keyholes. In this sense, the keyhole is a time-honored source of information of what is happening inside the room. So I shall name this blog for what it is; a keyhole into the room of my mind.

And keyholes happen to be better for more things than just peeking and listening to scraps of conversations! If you happen to have the right key, you can open the door and enter the room itself. I have some hopes of maintaining this blog for some time, and perhaps aquiring some friends and readers. I welcome any comments and questions. Perhaps someone out there will find the right key and be able to access the room behind The Keyhole.


  1. :D count with your first reader here

  2. You have attracted my atention. Let's see where this peek through this keyhole gets me to.